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About us



That Think is an agency that adapts to the industries that our clients need services for. We offer consulting in the entertainment, marketing and advertising arenas and focus on technology. We can help your business grow and expand with innovative and creative outside the box ideas that will design a new path and maneuver your business forward in the direction you want.


 20 years of real world experience working. Work with us and you will have a multitude of resources and connections all over the world. If you found this page you are already connected. 




What you want and visualize it to manifest your dreams.  


Business goals and move forward with them. 


Yourself to be a better person then yesterday and be accountable.


Anything you want and enjoy the experience accomplishments of doing it. 

Website Design

We select a steller website build from Elegant Themes. Then we design it to get a look and feel that will match what you are wanting to achieve. Or we can create on whatever platform you may want to use. We should consult to learn about your goals.

Website Design

You must have hosting and a domain pointing to that hosting space. When you have this we will install your WordPress. You need WordPress, a Domain and Hosting. Then we can install Divi From Elegant Themes. So we can create your design. This is the fastest way we know how to get a website looking and performing sharp. Oh and you will need an SSL Certificate. You pay for that. Not us. Or we must charge more for time and service. 

Branding & Logo

We have several designers that we work to get you a logo and a design you like. This is your brand. Your unique look and feel to the products you are promoting or selling or both. Do it yourself or have us do it for you here. Contact us.

Content Strategy

What is your business model? What is the strategy you are going to use for your business? Are you going to have an online store where you sell your own handmade items? Are you selling someone else’s stuff? Is it Amazon, Shopify, or Etsy? WooCommerce? Is it affiliate marketing using Clickbank or Digistore? Are you wanting to use Paid Ads and run commercials on Youtube? Is it Facebook Ads? Let us know. We can help. A simple website will be in need to do an of this. 

Website Development

You need to buy hosting. You need to buy a domain before you can have a website worked on. We can do that for you easy and simple. Contact us. We offer a full service and can do everything for you. Show us an example of what you want and your needs and get started. Its easy.