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Shopify Automated! 

Let us get you set up with a great automated website system that can earn you money while you sleep completely hands free. All you have to do is have us set it up for you. Your accounts and your Bank receives the money you earn. We keep nothing. Simple. 

20 plus years of great companies and private clients we have invoiced.

Our past clients include a vast list of casino property resorts in Las Vegas, Major Production Companies from Frisco to Florida,  A+ vendors, Music Promoters, Entertainers and Major Projects ranging from Burning Man Art Cars to Electric Daisy Carnival Props and set ups for clients, More info coming soon.

We can convert your brick and mortar business into a Hybrid Affiliate Sales System.

Convert your employees, customers, and your friends and family into 10-99 independent contractors by offering them commission sales from promoting your store.  It’s a new thing!

We Create Automated Websites that can potentially earn 5k a month.

,Travel Affiliate Websites, Click Bank, Affiliate Websites, Hosting Affiliate Websites, Crypto Affiliate Websites, Amazon Affiliate Auto blogs, CBD Affiliate Websites, Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels, Dot Com Set Up, Hosting, Website Builds, Shopify Premium Builds w Drop shipping, Amazon Store Builds.

Email us.  

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 We deliver forward thinking ideas. You tell us what your thinking about and we deliver ideas or suggestions for solutions.  


We offer a wide range of services. Event Services and also Technology Integrations are something we like. 

Completely automated websites that can earn you money, marketing and advertising are also something we like. We like many things. Just like you. Tell us what you like!  


Developed and Automated Shopify Drop Shipping Store Expected 5k-10k month income!


✔️Premium Theme✔️Product Research✔️Trust Badge✔️Live Chat✔️Logo✔️Apps✔️SEO✔️Marketing videos✔️

Packages available
$200 Newbie Starter Packages – $400 Fast Track Earner All In Or VIP Exclusive $650 No Hands All Done For you. 

Message Us Now To Start Earning Money Online! 


SSL Certification with Hosting Using our Service is now more affordable though us.

Have us get a dot com for you! We host using the best services Godaddy offers. We charge 15$ a month for hosting and it includes an automatic SSL certification for you to make your website a Trusted Secured Encrypted Website. Email us your project and let’s see how much it will cost you for doing what you want. Most new customers pay out of pocket $200 dollars for a new dot com and services. 


Brick And Mortar Affiliate Integration - Hybrid Sales Service

New: We are able to take a brick and mortar business and convert your staff and your customers into sales representatives and pay them digitally with out personal maintenance to advertise and grow your business. This is very forward thinking. And innovative. Please consult us on this matter. It is brand new.


Professional Event Services And Art

Theatre Set Design – Stage Design – Lighting Design Fabrication/Welding – Freight Shipping –  Corporate and Live Production Event Services – Art Car Mutant Vehicle Burning Man Associated Art Projects – Film Set Recon and Prep – Labor Staffing – Contracting Services – Outdoor Recreation Services –  Build Patios – Trampolines – Grill Areas- Aquaponics – Water Fountains – Pool Murals – Murals – Management Services  – Producer Services – General Contractor Services – Event Labor Staff Services – Talent Management – Record Label Assistance – Spotify Music Assist – Sound Rental 


it’s 2022 and your not selling online? 

Have an automated website built for you and advertise it?    

Forget the fake gurus and “Courses”. We do not sell courses. 

We sell Automated Websites. A website that does the work for you. You have to get it set up correctly and also pay for marketing and advertising for your said website. We also charge for consulting services. We do not simply change your DNS setting on a server and point your website to some garbage that does not convert. We make websites that are full power and all linked to your accounts so that way when you want to make changes you can do that. And we can appoint you someone that creates results for advertising and marketing of your money machine website. 

Our Services for Automation:

Travel Affiliate Websites

Click Bank Affiliate Websites

Hosting Affiliate Websites

Crypto Affiliate Websites

Amazon Affiliate Auto blogs

CBD Affiliate Websites

Passive Income Solutions. 

We create the system for you. All of it.  To get you earning money online from an automated store or website that you control.  You earn the money and are paid to your bank. Not ours. 

The Most Popular Service is Automated Everything for a Shopify Shop Created for You.  

Make your first sale on Shopify Hands free. We can help. 

Get a one page website that matches it. 

Go get a Shopify Account.  

Get Store automated for drop shipping.

Choose a niche + Add your products.

Then Start letting people know its live.

Share it. Simple. 


Thank you!

“For all the shows, events, and experiences produced with amazing people along the way Thank You All.  Happy 2022. Here are some names and experiences mentioned below over the years big and small and companies along the way. ” “Jason Roush is 5k events estimated throughout career so far.” 

Jerry Bruckheimer Pirates Dead Mans Chest AMC Theatres Walt Disney Orlando Executive Viewing (Orlando) O.P.A.V – Titan Technologies – Jim Martin Productions, Scott Monroe.  Hard Rock Casino The Joint (Las Vegas)  Marriott – Hyatt  –  Freeman  –  Disney  –  Encore – Circus Circus Casino  –  Rio Casino – King Ink Tattoo Parlor inside Mirage Resort and Casino – Shark Tank Las Vegas the Show  –  Tropicana Resort –  Gary Hart (Hartland Mansion Vegas)  – Toshiba Technologies (Elvis Commercial Freemont Strip Las Vegas  –  Cree8Fabrications Las Vegas  LifeCube – PlayaWorks  – Vans Warpred Tour Producers Backstage Productions 1998 thru 2001 “ish” (RedBull  Twitter – E.A.V – San Francisco )   (#TinHouse @ Mike Tysons Mansion for the Electric Daisy Carnival Influencer 3 day Afterparty) (Burning Man Commissioned Artist @ The Forgotten City Series Las Vegas Nevada) 


Interesting ideas need planning to execute

We have a long history of assisting people in doing really cool stuff that people talk about for a long time. We create memories. 

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